The Dark is Rising sequence:The Grey King
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There is a Welsh legend about a harp of gold, hidden within a certain hill, that will be found by a boy and a white dog with silver eyes -- a dog that can see the wind. Will Stanton knew nothing of this when he came to Wales to recover from a severe illness. But when he met Bran, a strange boy who owned a white dog, he began to remember. For Will is the last-born of the Old Ones, immortals dedicated to saving the world from the forces of evil, the Dark. And it is Will's task to wake-with the golden harp -- the six who must be roused from their long slumber in the Welsh hills to prepare for the last battle between the Dark and the Light.

有一个威尔士人的传说,隐藏在某个山丘上的一把金色竖琴,会被一个男孩和一只带着银色眼睛的白色狗 - 一只可以看见风的狗发现。当斯坦顿来到威尔士从严重的疾病中康复的时候,斯坦顿是什么都不知道的。但是当他遇到一个拥有白色狗的陌生男孩布兰时,他开始记起来。因为威尔是祖先的最后一代,不朽者致力于拯救世界的邪恶力量,黑暗。威尔的任务是用金琴 - 六个必须从威尔士山丘上长眠的人唤醒,为黑暗与光明之间的最后一场战争做准备。