Finn Family Moomintroll
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It is spring in the valley and the Moomins are ready for adventure! Moomintroll and his friends Snufkin and Sniff find the Hobgoblin's top hat, all shiny and new and just waiting to be taken home. They soon realize that his is no ordinary hat; it can turn anything―or anyone―into something else!

这是在山谷中的春天,而且摩林人准备冒险!姆明和他的朋友萨福和斯尼夫找到了怪物的大礼帽,所有的闪亮和新的,都等待着被带回家。他们很快意识到,他不是一个普通的帽子, 它可以把任何东西或任何人变成别的东西!