Frog and Toad Together
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The beloved classic about friendship—a Newbery Honor Book!

Frog and Toad are best friends—they do everything together. When Toad admires the flowers in Frog's garden, Frog gives him seeds to grow a garden of his own. When Toad bakes cookies, Frog helps him eat them. And when both Frog and Toad are scared, they are brave together. School Library Journal called this story collection from Arnold Lobel "a masterpiece of child-styled humor and sensitivity.”

Winner of the Newbery Honor award, Frog and Toad Together is a Level Two I Can Read book, geared for kids who read on their own but still need a little help.

The classic Frog and Toad stories by Arnold Lobel have won numerous awards and honors, including a Newbery Honor (Frog and Toad Together), a Caldecott Honor (Frog and Toad Are Friends), ALA Notable Children’s Book, Fanfare Honor List (The Horn Book), School Library Journal Best Children’s Book, and Library of Congress Children’s Book.

关于友谊的被喜爱的经典 - 纽伯瑞荣誉书!

青蛙和蟾蜍是最好的朋友,他们一起做所有事情。当蟾蜍欣赏青蛙花园里的花朵时,青蛙会给他种在自己花园的种子。 当蟾蜍烤饼干时,青蛙帮他吃。当青蛙和蟾蜍都害怕的时候,他们一起变勇敢。 “学校图书馆杂志”把这个故事收藏品从阿诺德·洛贝尔称为“儿童风格的幽默和感性的杰作”。


阿诺德·洛贝的青蛙和蟾蜍的经典故事赢得了许多奖项和荣誉,其中包括Newbery荣誉(青蛙和蟾蜍在一起),凯迪克荣誉奖(青蛙和蟾蜍是朋友),ALA著名儿童书,Fanfare荣誉榜 ),“学校图书馆期刊最佳儿童读物”和“国会图书馆儿童读物”。