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Jesse and Eric were geeks: suspicious of authority figures, proud of their status as outsiders, fervent in their belief in the positive power of technology. High school had been an unbearable experience and their small-town Idaho families had been torn apart by hard times. On the fringe of society, they had almost no social lives and little to look forward to. They spent every spare cent on their computers and every spare moment on-line. Nobody ever spoke of them, much less for them.
But then they met Jon Katz, a roving journalist who suggested that, in the age of geek impresario Bill Gates, Jesse and Eric had marketable skills that could get them out of Idaho and pave the way to a better life. So they bravely set out to conquer Chicago—geek style. Told with Katz’s trademark charm and sparkle, Geeks is a humorous, moving tale of triumph over adversity and self-acceptance that delivers two irresistible heroes for the digital age and reveals the very human face of technology.

杰西和埃里克是极客:对权威人物持怀疑态度,对自己作为外人的地位感到自豪,对信仰科技的积极力量充满信心。高中是一个难以忍受的经验,他们的爱达荷州的小镇家庭已经被困难时期分裂。在社会边缘,他们几乎没有社交生活,很少有人期待。他们把每一分钱花在电脑上,每一个闲暇时间都在网上。 没有人谈论过他们,更不用说他们了。
但是他们遇到了一个流浪记者乔恩·卡茨(Jon Katz),他建议说,在比尔·盖茨这个极客时代,杰西和埃里克拥有可以把他们赶出爱达荷并为更好生活铺平道路的市场化技能。 所以他们勇敢地去征服芝加哥的怪胎风格。Geeks讲述着Katz的商标魅力,是一个幽默动人的故事,胜过逆境与自我接受,为数字时代提供两个不可抗拒的英雄,揭示技术的人性化面貌。