Green Eggs and Ham
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“Do you like green eggs and ham?” asks Sam-I-am in this Beginner Book by Dr. Seuss. In a house or with a mouse? In a boat or with a goat? On a train or in a tree? Sam keeps asking persistently. With unmistakable characters and signature rhymes, Dr. Seuss’s beloved favorite has cemented its place as a children’s classic. In this most famous of cumulative tales, the list of places to enjoy green eggs and ham, and friends to enjoy them with, gets longer and longer. Follow Sam-I-am as he insists that this unusual treat is indeed a delectable snack to be savored everywhere and in every way.

“你喜欢绿色的蛋和火腿吗?”苏斯博士在这本新手书中问萨姆 - 我。在一个房子里或和一只老鼠在一起? 在一条船上还是和一只山羊在一起? 在火车上还是在树上? 山姆一直坚持不懈地问。 凭着明确的人物和标志性的韵律,苏斯博士深受喜爱的作品已经巩固了其作为儿童经典的地位。 在这个最着名的累积故事中,享用绿色鸡蛋和火腿的地方以及与之一起享用的朋友的时间越来越长。 按照Sam-I-am的说法,他坚持认为,这种不寻常的享受确实是一个美味的零食,随处可见。