The Dark is Rising sequence:Green Witch
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Simon, Jane, and Barney, enlisted by their mysterious great-uncle, arrive in a small coastal town to recover a priceless golden grail stolen by the forces of evil -- Dark. They are not at first aware of the strange powers of another boy brought to help, Will Stanton -- nor of the sinister significance of the Greenwitch, an image of leaves and branches that for centuries has been cast into the sea for good luck in fishing and harvest.
Their search for the grail sets into motion a series of distubing, sometimes dangerous events that, at their climax, bring forth a gift that, for a time at least, will keep the Dark from rising.

西蒙,简和巴尼被他们神秘的叔叔所招募,到达一个小小的沿海城镇,收回被邪恶力量偷走的无价金杯。他们一开始并没有意识到另一个男孩带来帮助的奇怪力量,威尔·斯坦顿 - 不是绿色开关的阴险意义,一个树叶和树枝的形象,已经有好几个世纪了,为了捕鱼和收获好运而被投入海中。