Amazing Whales!
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How big are whales? How do whales breathe in the ocean? Do they live alone or in groups? Why are so many whales in danger? Read and find out in this Level Two I Can Read that is perfect for beginning readers and animal lovers who can read on their own but still need a little help.

Filled with breathtaking, full-color photographs of whales in their natural environment from the Wildlife Conservation Society, this book will fascinate kids with incredible facts about how whales eat, hunt, and even communicate. School Library Journal praises Amazing Whales! for presenting "raw data in a way that will be meaningful to kids" and Booklist says it "evokes a conversation with a knowledgeable, friendly expert."

鲸鱼有多大? 鲸鱼如何在海洋中呼吸? 他们是独居还是分居? 为什么有这么多的鲸鱼处于危险之中?“阅读和发现”的二级图书,对于初读者和动物爱好者来说是完美的,他们可以自己阅读,但仍然需要一点帮助。

在野生动物保护协会的大自然环境中,充满了令人惊叹的鲸鱼全景照片,这本书将让孩子们了解鲸鱼觅食,狩猎甚至沟通的令人难以置信的事实。学校图书馆杂志赞美《惊人的鲸鱼!》 以一种对孩子有意义的方式呈现“原始数据”,“书单“表示它“能够与一位知识渊博,友善的专家进行对话”。