The Killer Angels: The Classic Novel of the Civil War
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In the four most bloody and courageous days of our nation’s history, two armies fought for two conflicting dreams. One dreamed of freedom, the other of a way of life. Far more than rifles and bullets were carried into battle. There were memories. There were promises. There was love. And far more than men fell on those Pennsylvania fields. Bright futures, untested innocence, and pristine beauty were also the casualties of war. Michael Shaara’s Pulitzer Prize–winning masterpiece is unique, sweeping, unforgettable—the dramatic story of the battleground for America’s destiny.

在我们国家历史上最血腥和最勇敢的四天里,两军为了两个相互冲突的梦想而战。一个梦想着自由,另外一种生活方式。远不止步枪和子弹进行了战斗,有回忆、有承诺、有爱,在宾夕法尼亚州的田地上,远远超过了人类。战争的伤亡也带来光明的未来,纯洁无瑕和质朴的美丽。迈克尔·沙拉(Michael Shaara)的普利策奖获得者杰作是独一无二的,清晰的,令人难忘的 - 美国命运战场的戏剧性故事。