Le Petit Prince
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In 2000 Harcourt proudly reissued Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's masterpiece, The Little Prince, in a sparkling new format. Newly translated by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Richard Howard, this timeless classic was embraced by critics and readers across the country for its purity and beauty of expression. And Saint-Exupéry's beloved artwork was restored and remastered to present his work in its original and vibrant colors.

Now Harcourt is issuing uniform full-color foreign language editions. The restored artwork glows like never before. These affordable and beautiful editions are sure to delight an entire new generation of readers, students, children, and adults for whom Saint-Exupéry's story will open the door to a new understanding of life.

2000年,哈考特以一种崭新的格式自豪地重新发行了安东尼·德·圣·埃克苏佩里的杰作“小王子”。 由普利策奖获得者诗人理查德·霍华德(Richard Howard)最新翻译,这个永恒的经典被全世界的评论家和读者所接受,因为它的纯洁和表达的美丽。圣艾修伯瑞的心爱作品被重新修复,以原始和鲜艳的色彩呈现他的作品。

现在哈考尔发行统一的全彩外文版。 恢复的艺术品发光前所未有的。 这些价格合理,美观的版本肯定会让全新一代的读者,学生,儿童和成人感到高兴,圣艾修伯瑞的故事将为他们打开新的生活的大门。