My Father's Dragon
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My Father's Dragon is a children's novel by Ruth Stiles Gannett about a young boy, Elmer Elevator, who runs away to Wild Island to rescue a baby Dragon.
The narrative mode is unusual, in that the narrator refers to the protagonist only as "my father", giving the impression that this is a true story that happened long ago.
The illustrations within the book are black and white done with a grease crayon on a grained paper, done by Ruth Chrisman Gannett, who also illustrated other children's books such as My Mother Is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, Paco Goes to the Fair, Miss Hickory, Hipo the Hippo, and adult books such as Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck.

这本书里的插图是黑白的,在一张纸上用蜡笔做了,由露丝·克里斯曼·甘内特(Ruth Chrisman Gannett)完成,他还画了其他的儿童书籍,例如“我的母亲是世界上最美丽的女人”,帕科走向博览会, 希科小姐,河马和成人书籍,如约翰·斯坦贝克的“玉米饼”。