The Book of Questions
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Once called "a one-man Renaissance," Nobel laureate and Chilean poet and statesman Neruda (1904-1973) wrote these 74 poems and 316 playful questions about death, nature, and rebirth in the last year of his life. Cryptic and intriguing, these brief answerless riddles, like Roethke's visionary poems, ask the sophisticated question of the innocent child--"Is the sun the same as yesterday's/ or is the fire different than that fire?"--and probe what it means to be human: "Whom can I ask what I came/to make happen in this world?" This volume is the last in a series of seven bilingual translations from this publishers of Neruda's late and posthumously published work. American poetry and readers benefit by having excellent English-language translations of all Neruda's complicated, prolific work.
诺贝尔奖得主,智利诗人兼政治家聂鲁达(1904-1973)曾经被称为“一个人的文艺复兴”,在他生命的最后一年写下了这74首诗歌和316个关于死亡,自然和重生的有趣问题。这些简短无题的谜语,就像罗瑟克的幻想诗一样,对这个无辜的小孩提出了一个复杂的问题 - “太阳是否与昨天一样/或者太阳的火是否与火不同?” - 并且探究成为人类的意义:“我可以问谁我在这个世界上发生了什么事情?” 这本书是这个聂鲁达晚期和追授出版的作品出版商的一系列七个双语翻译的最后一个。美国的诗歌和读者都受益于所有聂鲁达复杂,多产的优秀英文翻译。