The Dark is Rising sequence:Silver on The Tree
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The Dark is rising in its last and greatest bid to control the world. And Will Stanton -- last-born of the immortal Old Ones, dedicated to keeping the world free -- must join forces with this ageless master Merriman and Bran, the Welsh boy whose destiny ties him to the Light. Drawn in with them are the three Drew children, who are mortal, but have their own vital part in the story. These six fight fear and death in the darkly brooding Welsh hills, in a quest through time and space that touches the most ancient myths of the British Isles, and that brings Susan Cooper's masterful sequence of novels to a satysfying close.

黑暗正在以持续和最大的代价控制世界的上升。斯坦顿 - 不朽的老一代的最后一代,致力于保持世界的自由 - 必须与这个永恒的大师梅里曼和布兰,威尔士男孩的命运联系在一起,他的命运将他与光联系起来。与他们画在一起的是德鲁的三个孩子,他们是凡人,但在故事中有自己的重要部分。这六个人在威尔士黑暗的山丘上,通过时空触动不列颠群岛最古老的神话,追求恐惧和死亡,这使苏珊·库珀的精湛的小说序列达到饱满。