Song of Myself (Dover Thrift Editions)
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Considered by many to be the quintessential American poet, Walt Whitman (1819-92) exerted a profound influence on all the American poets who came after him. And it was with this inspired, oceanic medley, "Song of Myself" (which in the first editions of Leaves of Grass was still nameless), that this great poet first made himself known to the world.

Readers familiar with the later, more widely published versions of Leaves of Grass will find this first version of "Song of Myself" new, surprising, and often superior to the later versions — and exhilarating in the freshness of its vision. In this inexpensive edition, this enormously influential work will especially delight students, teachers, and any devotee of Walt Whitman.

沃尔特·惠特曼(Walt Whitman,1819-1892年)被许多人认为是典型的美国诗人,对所有追随他的美国诗人都产生了深远的影响。就是这首灵动的海洋混合曲“我自己的歌”(在“草叶之草”的第一版中仍然是无名的),这位伟大的诗人首先向世界宣告自己。

读者熟悉后来更广泛发表的《草叶》,后来发现原来这首“我自己的歌”的新版本,令人惊讶,往往优于后来的版本 - 令人振奋的新鲜的愿景。在这个价格低廉的版本中,这个极具影响力的作品尤其会令学生,老师和惠特曼的任何奉献者感到高兴。