The 13 Clocks
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A giant of American humor makes his Penguin Classics debut with "probably the best book in the world" (Neil Gaiman, from the Introduction), in a stunning Deluxe Edition featuring the original, full-color illustrations

The hands of all thirteen clocks stand still in the gloomy castle on a lonely hill where a wicked Duke lives with his niece, the beautiful Princess Saralinda. The Duke fancies he has frozen time, for he is afraid that one day a Prince may come and win away the hand of the Princess--the only warm hand in the castle. To thwart that fate, he sets impossible tasks for Saralinda's suitors. But when the bold Prince Zorn of Zorna arrives, disguised as a wandering minstrel, and helped by the enigmatic Golux, the cold Duke may at last have met his match.

Since it was first published in 1950, James Thurber's sublimely whimsical fairy tale of love forestalled but ultimately fulfilled has delighted readers of all ages. It is published here with Marc Simont's enchanting, full-color illustrations from the first edition.


十三个钟的手,静静地站在阴郁的城堡里,一个邪恶的公爵与他的侄女,美丽的公主撒琳达住在一个孤独的山上。公爵的幻想,他冻结了时间,因为他担心有一天王子可能会来夺取公主的手 - 唯一的温暖的手在城堡。为了阻止这个命运,他为萨拉琳达的追求者设定了不可能完成的任务。但是,当索尔纳的佐恩王子佐恩抵达时,他伪装成一个流浪的吟游诗人,在神秘的戈鲁克斯的帮助下,冷酷的公爵可能终于遇到了他的对手。

自从1950年首次出版以来,詹姆斯·瑟伯(James Thurber)的崇高的异想天开的爱情童话故事,但最终实现了,使所有年龄的读者都感到高兴。这是与马克西蒙特的第一版迷人的全彩色插图在这里出版。