The Birchbark House
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"[In this] story of a young Ojibwa girl, Omakayas, living on an island in Lake Superior around 1847, Louise Erdrich is reversing the narrative perspective used in most children's stories about nineteenth-century Native Americans. Instead of looking out at 'them' as dangers or curiosities, Erdrich, drawing on her family's history, wants to tell about 'us', from the inside. The Birchbark House establishes its own ground, in the vicinity of Laura Ingalls Wilder's 'Little House' books." --The New York Times Book Review

“奥吉布瓦女孩(Omakayas)在1847年左右生活在苏必利尔湖畔的一个岛中,路易丝·厄德里奇(Louise Erdrich)颠覆了大多数19世纪美国原住民的儿童故事的叙述视角,而不是看他们 “作为危险或好奇心,路易斯厄德里齐借鉴了她的家族的历史,想从内部讲述”我们“,桦树房在劳拉·英格尔斯·怀尔德的”小屋“书籍附近建立了自己的地盘。 - 纽约时报书评