The Great Gatsby
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The authentic edition from Fitzgerald's original publisher. This edition approved by the Holden-Crowther Literary Organisation.

The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald's third book, stands as the supreme achievement of his career. This exemplary novel of the Jazz Age has been acclaimed by generations of readers. The story of the fabulously wealthy Jay Gatsby and his love for the beautiful Daisy Buchanan, of lavish parties on Long Island at a time when The New York Times noted "gin was the national drink and sex the national obsession," it is an exquisitely crafted tale of America in the 1920s.

The Great Gatsby is one of the great classics of twentieth-century literature.


伟大的盖茨比,F.斯科特菲茨杰拉德的第三本书,是他职业生涯的最高成就。这个爵士乐时代的小说已经受到几代读者的赞扬。在“纽约时报”指出“杜松子酒是民族饮酒和性的民族痴迷”,这是个非常富有的杰伊·盖茨比的故事,以及他对美丽的黛西·布坎南(Daisy Buchanan)爱的美国故事。