The Race to Save the Lord God Bird
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The tragedy of extinction is explained through the dramatic story of a legendary bird, the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, and of those who tried to possess it, paint it, shoot it, sell it, and, in a last-ditch effort, save it. A powerful saga that sweeps through two hundred years of history, it introduces artists like John James Audubon, bird collectors like William Brewster, and finally a new breed of scientist in Cornell's Arthur A. "Doc" Allen and his young ornithology student, James Tanner, whose quest to save the Ivory-bill culminates in one of the first great conservation showdowns in U.S. history, an early round in what is now a worldwide effort to save species. As hope for the Ivory-bill fades in the United States, the bird is last spotted in Cuba in 1987, and Cuban scientists join in the race to save it.

All this, plus Mr. Hoose's wonderful story-telling skills, comes together to give us what David Allen Sibley, author of The Sibley Guide to Birds calls "the most thorough and readable account to date of the personalities, fashions, economics, and politics that combined to bring about the demise of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker."
The Race to Save the Lord God Bird is the winner of the 2005 Boston Globe - Horn Book Award for Nonfiction and the 2005 Bank Street - Flora Stieglitz Award.
This new edition of the author's award-winning history features a new chapter about the endlessly debated 2004 Arkansas "rediscovery" of the ivory-billed woodpecker that made headlines around the world, as well as an expanded introduction and more than a dozen new images.

传说中的鸟灭绝的悲剧,是通过象牙啄木鸟以及那些试图拥有它,绘画,拍摄,出售,然后在最后努力中拯救它的人的戏剧性故事来描述的。这是一个有200多年历史的强有力的传奇故事,它引入了像约翰·詹姆斯·奥杜邦(John James Audubon)这样的艺术家,像威廉·布鲁斯特(William Brewster)这样的鸟类收藏家,最后是康奈尔大学的亚瑟·A·“文”艾伦和他年轻的鸟类学生詹姆斯·坦纳,其拯救象牙法案的任务是在美国历史上第一次大规模的保护摊牌活动中达到高潮,这是目前世界范围内拯救物种的一个早期阶段。随着希腊在美国的象牙消失,这只鸟最后在1987年在古巴被发现,古巴科学家参加了拯救这只鸟的竞赛。

所有这一切,再加上霍斯先生的精彩故事讲述技巧,汇集了我们的内容,“西布利鸟类指南”的作者大卫·艾伦·西布利(David Allen Sibley)称之为“迄今为止关于个性,时尚,经济和政治的最透彻和可读的叙述结合在一起导致了象牙啄木鸟的消亡。“
拯救上帝之王上帝鸟是2005年波士顿环球奖 - 非虚构角报书奖和2005年银行街 - Flora Stieglitz奖的得主。