The Search for Delicious
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Gaylen, the King's messenger, a skinny boy of twelve, is off to poll the kingdom, traveling from town to farmstead to town on his horse, Marrow. At first it is merely a question of disagreement at the royal castle over which food should stand for Delicious in the new dictionary. But soon it seems that the search for Delicious had better succeed if civil war is to be avoided.

Gaylen's quest leads him to the woldweller, a wise, 900-year-old creature who lives alone at the precise center of the forest; to Canto, the minstrel who sings him an old song about a mermaid child and who gives him a peculiar good-luck charm; to the underground domain of the dwarfs; and finally to Ardis who might save the kingdom from havoc.

The Search for Delicious is a 1969 New York Times Book Review Notable Children's Book of the Year.

国王的使者盖伦(Glenlen)是一个十二岁的瘦男孩,他正在轮询王国,从城里到乡间,从他的马,马罗镇出发。 起初,这只是一个在新的字典中的食物应该代表美味的皇家城堡的分歧问题。 但是,如果要避免内战的话,很快看起来对于“美味”的搜索就更好了。

盖伦的追求将他带到了沃尔韦勒(woldweller),一个聪明的,有900年历史的独居在森林中心的生物; 唱歌的吟游诗人,唱一首关于美人鱼的老歌,给他一种奇特的好运气; 到矮人的地下领域; 最后还有可能拯救这个王国的阿迪斯。