The Stories Julian Tells
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Ann Cameron's beloved and bestselling chapter book series about Julian, his brother Huey, and his friend Gloria all begins right here! 

Julian has a big imagination. And he is great at telling stories. He can make people—especially his younger brother, Huey—believe just about anything. Like the story about the cats that come in the mail. Or the fig leaves that make you grow tall if you eat them off the tree. But some stories can lead to a heap of trouble, and that's exactly where Julian and Huey end up!
This book has been selected as a Common Core State Standards Text Exemplar (Grades 2–3, Stories) in Appendix B. 

"You have to go a long way these days to find a book that leaves you feeling as happy as this one." —The New York Times

"There's a glow here that's hard to resist." —Booklist

安·卡梅隆(Ann Cameron)关于朱利安(Julian),他的兄弟休伊(Huey)和他的朋友凯莱(Gloria)的畅销书系列从这里开始!

朱利安有很大的想象力。 他擅长讲故事。 他可以让人 - 尤其是他的弟弟休伊 - 几乎相信任何事情。就像邮件中的猫的故事一样;或者吃无花果树叶会让你长大,如果你把它们从树上吃掉。 但是有些故事可能会导致一堆麻烦,而这正是朱利安和休伊最终的结局!

“这些日子你要走很长的路才能找到一本让你感觉像这个一样快乐的书。” -纽约时报