The Storm
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Life with only the sea can be lonely. Just ask Pandora and Seabold. They've lived most of their lives with the sea -- Pandora in a lighthouse and Seabold on a boat -- and they're each quite used to being alone. Or they were.

But one day, the sea did something extraordinary: It brought Pandora and Seabold together! And even better, the sea gave them the ingredients for an adventure that neither of them had considered before-an adventure called "family."

只有大海的生活可以是孤独的。 只要问潘多拉和Seabold。 他们的大部分时间都是和大海一起生活的 - 潘多拉在灯塔里,在船上是西波尔德 - 他们每个人都习惯于独处。 或者他们曾经是这样。

但有一天,大海做了一件非同寻常的事情:它把潘多拉与海宝联系在了一起! 甚至更好的是,海洋给了他们一个冒险的成分,他们之前从来没有考虑过 - 一个叫做“家庭”的冒险。