Toys!: Amazing Stories Behind Some Great Inventions
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A fresh, intriguing look at the stories behind great toy inventions, by Don Wulffson and illustrated by Laurie Keller.

"Originally, Play-Doh only came in white. There's a good reason for this. You see, Play-Doh didn't start out as a toy. It started out as a product for cleaning wallpaper."
Have you ever wondered who invented Lego, Mr. Potato Head, or toy trains? In Toys! are the fascinating stories behind these toy inventions and many others. Learn why the see-saw was popular with the Romans, how the Slinky was used during the Vietnam War, and the reason Raggedy Ann has a red heart on her chest that says "I love you." From dolls and checkers to pinball and the modern video game, there's a wide selection here for boys and girls alike.

With humor and wit, this intriguing book serves up slices of cultural history that will inspire young readers to start thinking up their own toy inventions.

唐·沃尔夫森(Don Wulffson)和劳里·凯勒(Laurie Keller)所作的一个有趣的故事。

你有没有想过是谁发明了乐高,土豆头先生还是玩具火车? 在玩具! 这些玩具发明背后的引人入胜的故事等等。 学习为什么在罗马流行拉锯,在越南战争期间是如何使用Slinky的,和安胸前有一颗红心,上面写着“我爱你”的原因。 从娃娃和跳棋到弹球以及现代视频游戏,这里有很多男孩和女孩的选择。