Vincent Van Gogh
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Vincent Van Gogh—one of the nineteenth century's most brilliant artist—will forever be remembered as the Dutchman who pioneered new techniques and styles and who, in a fit of passion, cut off his own ear.

Whether painting a portrait, landscape, or still life, van Gogh sought to capture the vibrant spirit of his subject. Still, fame eluded him. This lack of recognition over a career spanning a mere decade (from ages twenty-seven to thirty-seven) fueled his lifelong self-doubt and bitter disappointments. Today, however, van Gogh's paintings are recognized as masterpieces, and the tormented Dutchman stands as a giant among artists. 

Vincent Van Gogh: Portrait of An Artist features a sixteen-page insert with family photographs and full-color painting reproductions and includes a glossary of artists and terms, a biographical time line, notes, a bibliography, and locations of museums that display Van Gogh’s work. 



《Vincent Van Gogh:艺术家的肖像》具有16页插图,带有家庭照片和全彩绘画复制品包括艺术家和术语词汇表,传记时间表,笔记,参考书目和展示梵高作品的博物馆位置。