Zlateh the Goat and Other Stories
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Nobel laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer introduces readers to the village of Chelm in this Newbery Honor Book. Chelm is a village of fools. The most famous fools—the oldest and the greatest—are the seven Elders. But there are lesser fools too: a silly irresponsible bridegroom; four sisters who mix up their feed in bed one night; a young man who imagines himself dead. Here are seven magical folktales spun by a master storyteller, that speak of fools, devils, schlemiels, and even heroes—like Zlateh the goat.

The New York Times called Zlateh the Goat and Other Stories, "beautiful stories for children, written by a master." The New York Book Review said, "This book is a triumph. If you have no older children on your list, buy it for yourself." Singer's extraordinary book of folklore is illustrated by Maurice Sendak, who won a Caldecott Medal for Where the Wild Things Are.

诺贝尔奖获得者艾萨克·巴舍维斯·辛格(Isaac Bashevis Singer)向读者介绍了纽伯里荣誉丛书中的切尔姆村(Chelm)。 切尔姆是个傻瓜村。最着名的傻瓜 - 最古老和最伟大的 - 是七位长老。但也有不那么愚蠢的人:一个愚蠢的不负责任的新郎; 四个姐姐在一晚上把自己的饲料混在一起; 一个想象自己死去的年轻人。这里有七个神秘的民间故事,由一个讲故事的人讲述,讲的是傻子,魔鬼,无名英雄,甚至是英雄 - 就像山羊兹拉特。

“纽约时报”称山羊兹拉特及其他故事为“由大师写的儿童美丽故事”。 “纽约书评”说:“这本书是杰出的,如果你的名单上没有大孩子,那就自己买吧。” 歌手的非凡的民俗书籍由莫里斯·桑达克(Maurice Sendak)说明,他获得了“荒野之地”的卡尔德科特奖章。