Their Eyes Were Watching God
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“A deeply soulful novel that comprehends love and cruelty, and separates the big people from the small of heart, without ever losing sympathy for those unfortunates who don’t know how to live properly.” —Zadie Smith
One of the most important and enduring books of the twentieth century, Their Eyes Were Watching God brings to life a Southern love story with the wit and pathos found only in the writing of Zora Neale Hurston. Out of print for almost thirty years—due largely to initial audiences’ rejection of its strong black female protagonist—Hurston’s classic has since its 1978 reissue become perhaps the most widely read and highly acclaimed novel in the canon of African-American literature.

“一部深情的小说,寓意爱与残酷,把大人与小人分开,对那些不懂得生活的不幸的人不抱同情心。”--Zadie Smith
作为二十世纪最重要,最持久的书籍之一,他们的眼睛正在看着上帝,带给人一种南方的爱情故事,只有在佐拉·尼尔·赫斯顿(Zora Neale Hurston)的作品中才能找到机智与悲哀。已经绝迹了将近三十年了,这主要是由于最初的观众拒绝了强大的黑人女主角赫斯顿自1978年重新发行以来的经典之作,或许是非裔美国人文学界最广泛阅读和广受好评的小说。